Fedelmia Mullan Davis   T.C.R.G., A.D.C.R.G.
    Fedelmia Mullan Davis, a native of Derry City in
    Northern Ireland, and a popular and successful
    teacher of Irish dancing in Northern New Jersey,
    is Director of the Davis Academy of Irish Dancing.
    Fedelmia started dancing at the age of five in
    Derry City, Northern Ireland, with the legendary
    Breandan DeGlin Academy of Irish Dancing. During
    her competitive dancing years, Fedelmia won
    hundreds of championships all over Ireland,
including three All-Ireland championships and five Ulster championships.
Her performances were described as a combination of feminine grace
with good strong rhythm, and this, together with her North of Ireland
charm, made her a very popular dancer in Ireland.

She married newspaperman Bill Davis and they made their home in
Southern Africa for almost nine years. After a year in London, where
Bill worked for Reuters News Agency in Fleet Street, they moved to
New Jersey with their two daughters, Anne and Fedelmia. It was here
that Fedelmia's love of Irish culture flourished even more.

Fedelmia became both a qualified Irish dancing teacher (T.C.R.G.)
and adjudicator (A.D.C.R.G.). Mrs. Davis has always worked tirelessly
to advance the scope of Irish Dance in the U.S. After her arrival in this
country, Fedelmia and five other certified teachers met in New York City
and founded the Irish Dancing Teachers Association of North America
(IDTANA). It now has a membership of more than 600 certified
teachers.  Fedelmia, as a founding member, has been responsible in
no small way for the success of this organization, but she has always
been aware of the importance of strong links with the parent body in
Ireland, An Coimisiún le Rincí Gaelacha. She also served as Director
of the Mid-Atlantic Region of the IDTANA, for many years until her
retirement in 2010. She is an Official Examiner for T.C.R.G and A.D.C.R.G

Her daughters also were champion dancers. Fedelmia Jr. directs
a successful dance school in Pennsylvania. Three of Fedelmia's
grandchildren also competed successfully at championship level
for several years.

Fedelmia often tells her colleagues: "Thank God my Mom sent me to
Irish Dancing!" She never forgets her beginnings, and returns to Derry
City each year -- to "The Town She Loves So Well."