HZS180  Concrete Mixing Plant

HZS180 Concrete Mixing Plant

Concrete Branch of Tangshan Construction Group Co., Ltd. was established in 1988, which is the one of the first and fully reinforced professional enterprise for pre-mixed commercial concrete construction. In 2005, Tangshan Construction purchased concrete mixing plant from SOUTH for the first time, and it cooperated with SOUTH again in 2011 for the construction of environment-friendly concrete mixing plant.



As a city of heavy industrial center, Tangshan has a serious environment problem due to the heavy haze in recently years, and the government is increasingly focus on the environment management, especially for the strict requirements on indexes on aspects of environment protection such as dust raise, noise, sewage and discharge, etc.

Stress-free for Environment Evaluation

As the pollution such as powder, and noise, etc. in the mixing plant is relatively serious previously, Tangshan city gives a higher requirement of higher environment protection indexes on the newly built mixing plant. Completed in 2011, the newly built concrete mixing plant can fully reach the highest national standard with the advantages of no powder, no noise, and zero emission. After 3 years utilization, it is as fresh as a brand new one, which is the evidence of its environment protection effect.

Beside covering the main mixing building and stockyard, the high performance pulse dust remover are equipped on all the dust-raising spots such as the belt conveyor in the warehouse, the connecting parts of horizontal and inclined belt, transition bin of main building, etc., the strong dedusting, dust suckling functions can effectively control the dust emission of mixing plant.

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