RLB2000C Asphalt mixing plant

RLB2000C Asphalt mixing plant

Hangzhou LuDun has shot to frame and critically acclaimed in the asphalt materials field of the local municipal roads with the good faith in management and superhard product quality since its establishment and its business markets cover the regions in Zhejiang Province, such as Hangzhou, Yuhang, Haining and Tongxiang, etc. Since the formal operation in 2012, with the excellent services and reliable quality, Shanghai LuDun has in only a short time won the clients’ trust, rapidly opened the markets, firmly established in the districts in Shanghai, such as Pudong New Area, Jinshan, Fengxiang, Qingpu, Songjiang, Baoshan and Jiading, and has molded the enterprise brand in the critical projects such as the overhaul and reconstruction of Shanghai Pudong Airport Cargo Apron and reconstruction of 320 National Road.



SOUTH Foam Asphalt Warm Mixing Equipment

The running conditions of south foam asphalt equipment have been favorable since the completion of the installation up to now. Its foaming characteristics have avoided a certain difficulty caused by the poorer liquidity, quicker cooling of the hot recycling asphalt mixture. Meanwhile, the binding power of the foam asphalt is greater than that of the hot-recycled asphalt mixture which has not used the foam asphalt after the recycled foam asphalt mixture being compacted. And the colors of the recycled mixture mixed by foam produced from the two kinds of materials are more black and bright than those without the foam. Before and after using the foam asphalt warm-mixing technology, the time limit of the asphalt mixture from the delivery to the complete paving has been extended from three hours to eight, which has greatly extended the construction period on the premise of guaranteeing the quality of asphalt mixture and improved the coverage area of LuDun Company’s business.

Using the foam asphalt warm-mixing technology also can obtain relatively high environmental benefits – environmental protection and energy conservation. At present, the asphalt equipments around the country are faced with the same issue that the finished products from warm-mixing asphalt will produce blue smoke when the temperature reaches 160℃ to 170℃. Such blue smoke will emit in the air, thus polluting the ambient air and producing the great harm to the constructors’ bodies when the finished products are put into the car and paved on site during the delivery to its warehouse with trolley. However, the foam asphalt warm-mixing technology can perfectly resolve the environmental issue by lowering the temperature 10° to 30° to make no smoke producing from the finished products. The temperature reduction also can save fuel and then reduce the operating cost.

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