GLB3000 Asphalt Mixing Plant

GLB3000 Asphalt Mixing Plant

Quanzhou Huatai Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. is secondary construction company of municipal engineering in Quanzhou. In 2013, south GLB3000 type asphalt mixing plant was purchased and put into operation in early 2014, and the cumulative production of finished asphalt materials are 300,000 tons since being put into production. The finished asphalt materials produced are mainly supplied for municipal construction projects in Quanzhou and the surrounding area. Fuel saving, efficient screening performance and wear-resistant parts are the main reasons to trust SOUTH by Quanzhou Huatai Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.



Equipment Description

In the asphalt mixing plant, the cost of fuel is the largest consumption, so the scientific and reasonable design of the entire equipment will directly affect the heat exchange efficiency of the asphalt mixing plant, thereby reducing the fuel consumption of the entire equipment.

A crucial item in fuel costs is the material storage and the reasonable design of the site. The rational stacking and rainproof processing of the front end of aggregates and the rapid rainwater discharge in the site may allow lower moisture content of the aggregate, to further reduce the fuel amount. If the moisture content of aggregate is more than 5%, the aggregate may consume more calories due to the water. Through calculation, if the moisture content of aggregate is reduced by one percent point, 9% of fuel consumption can be saved.

Based on the many rainy days, typhoon days in summer and loaion in mountain area and other features in user’s equipment site, south shall provide site layout plan accordingly, recommend Huatai to use the structure of separating wall for material yard, and build a canopy cover to avoid water accumulation in the aggregate yard and effectively avoid mixing and aggregate moisture due to rain water.

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